Sunday, June 17, 2007

Ok ok ok

Fine, here's a new post. It's not like I'm out of school and jobless and have lots of time, you know.

So, I'm back in the ol' UT. I've been here for about a week and a half and I haven't been to see anyone I know or been out to do anything. I'm quite enjoying the solitude, I must admit, although I may be enjoying it a bit too much. I should probably get out more.

I'll be getting out tomorrow when I go to Provo for an interview at the Provo Library. The very thought of a job interview strikes an icy dagger of fear deep into my heart. Interviews are definitely a weakness with me. Maybe they'll be so entertained by my spoonerisms and creative word usage that they'll hire me as the library jester. Seriously, though, say a little prayer for me. I have a phone interview lined up for next week for a position at the HBLL as well, and will be turning in a resume to another library-type place later this week. I hate job searching. Why can't someone pay me to putter around the house and bake bread?

The drive out to Utah was very beautiful. To spice things up, we went down through Urbana-Champaign (to see Jenny and Spencer and Aaron Hill) then drove on I-70 through Missouri, Kansas and Colorado. Missouri and the eastern 2/3 of Kansas were much prettier and more interesting than I had imagined they would be. Our drive was full of rolling green hills and.....rolling green hills and, well, more rolling green hills. I was mostly glad it wasn't Nebraska (sorry to any Corn Huskers who may be reading this), which I've had my fill of driving across. The final third or so of Kansas got a little old, though, although the monotony was broken by a series of obviously hand-made signs for Prairie Dog Town. The signs boasted a number of attractions, not the least of which was the world's largest prairie dog, a six-legged steer, and Roscoe the miniature donkey.

We were tempted to stop and see what all the fuss was about, but it was getting dark and we were sick of Kansas at that point. If you'd like to read another traveller's humorous account of Prairie Dog Town, check out this link:

For a more serious article, go here:

So we got into Denver quite late that night after about sixteen hours on the road. We spent the next day in the city. My favorite part was going the mammoth-est REI I've ever seen. So many opportunities for coveting. The day after that we drove on I-70 through the mountains to Rifle, at which point we turned off onto a highway which took us to Meeker, then we took another road to Dinosaur, then turned onto Highway 40 and the rest is history.

So that's my life. I'm unemployed and down to my last $100 or so. Donations are welcome.

And here's a cool triptych I found online. It's made of various types of corn and other grains and depicts Lawrence Welk, Myron Floren (the bionic accordion player on the Lawrence Welk Show) and the Corn Palace in South Dakota. Random but slammin' awesome.


Unknown said...

Hey Leslie--it's Rachel H (you know, cellist from BYU) here.

I've stopped at Prarie Dog Town before. It was the most depressing thing I've ever seen in my life.

heath said...

After you read those rave reviews, I bet you were pretty bummed you didn't get to stop. On the other hand, that triptych is something really special, isn't it!

Melinda said...

So what's the news on your library interviews?!