Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Last week I took the plunge and quit my horrifyingly tedious job which was sucking the very soul out of my being. It took me all of about 12 hours to go from my first thoughts of quitting to telling my boss I was leaving. Once I actually began seriously considering it, it was obviously the right choice. So, in honor of ending my near year at Backstage Library Works, here is the final installment of silly/funny/weird stuff I stumbled across in the card catalogue.

The titles:
  • The rueful mating
  • Utilization of surplus prunes
  • How to be happy though pregnant
  • Short addresses to persons who are without hope
  • A nostalgia for camels
  • Sportin' ladies: confessions of the bimbos
  • Squirrel talk
  • Almost everything you hear about snakes is untrue
  • The romance of mining
  • Reindeer husbandry
  • The star-spangled beaver
  • The unsuspected but dangerously tuberculous cow
  • Terrestrial slugs
  • Sinister tennis
  • Urology illustrated

Organizations I wish I belonged to:

  • New England Society for the Improvement of Domestic Poultry
  • American Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge

Funniest mis-reading of a card:

  • East Indies hand-written, which looked like "East Undies"

Weird plot summaries:

  • A little old lady decides to help her detective son and sets out to find the clown who is missing from the circus.
  • A small girl wants to be something important, but can't decide whether to be a jester, a knight, or a king.
  • While trying to please his mother, a boy turns himself into a variety of animals.
  • The Golem, a clay man made by the Rabbi, saves a small village synagogue from some evil creatures from outer space.
  • An awkward elephant stops day-dreaming when he finds that all his time and interest is devoted to a flower garden.
  • With the aid of his good buffalo, a Japanese boy works to replace the copper bell he lost in the river.
  • Five mushmen, related to elves and such, push themselves up from Down There to see if they can survive Up Here, set up headquarters under an oak tree, and live their pioneer existence, avoiding That Cat and keeping dry so they won't melt.