Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A new leaf

Maybe I'll start posting more, maybe not, but I figured I should at least inaugurate my new URL with something. I don't have time to write anything really profound or informative, though, so I'll just go with a few free-association things.

I took a small road trip to Reno last weekend to visit my wonderful friend Eileen. My car, which I had previously named Animal but now is seeming more like a Telly to me, performed admirably, getting an average of 35 MPG and faithfully piping my iPod tunes throughout the whole trip. The only downside is that Telly doesn't have cruise control, but I'm ok with that. Here's a picture of my favorite road sign in Nevada:

My second favorite was one for a town named "Shafter" but I didn't get a picture of it. My trip to Reno was full of delicious food, healing of back pain, beautiful scenery, and nice people. Thanks Eileen!

Earlier this month I attended the Salt Lake City Greek Festival, which was held at the cool Greek Orthodox cathedral on 300 W. 300 S.

I've looked forward to this since last year when I couldn't go because of a recent surgery. I had lots of delicious food (including my first good experience with dolmathes) and hung out with good friends. And saw a poor lamb roasting on a spit:

That's about it for now. Maybe sometime I'll tell you all the exciting tale of starting my DMA program, but you'll all just have to wait. And keeping with the spirit of my previous funny/weird title posts, here's a link to an article along those same lines. Many thanks to my good friends Heather and Royce for sending it to me.